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The .jobs extension characterizes companies looking for personnel .

The registration of a .jobs domain is reserved exclusively for companies that want to provide information about recruiting.

Registering your business name under the .jobs domain allows you to post recruitment ads, creating a direct path to the worker.

.jobs domain registration



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Requirements for the .jobs extension

  • Every applicant must be a member of the "International Human Resource Management Community" or follow the SHRM code of ethics.
  • Homonymy with the domain name required
  • Reserved for subjects belonging to the sector that the extension refers to.
  • The domain name must contain a minimum number of 3 characters and a maximum of 63 characters excluding the tld length

.jobs domain registration rules

The registration of a .jobs domain is reserved for companies and placement agencies.
Every applicant of a .jobs domain must be a member of the "International Human Resource Management Community" or support the rules of the SHRM code of ethics.

If you own a trademark, the requested .jobs domain name must match the name of the company.
Otherwise, you can register a domain name that is close, and some how related, to the company name.
However in that case, the Registry reserves the right to carry out verifications in order to check the reliability of the requested domain name.

.jobs domain transfer rules

To perform a transfer, you must ask the current manager for the authorization code, or auth-info code.

To transfer a .jobs domain, you should:

  • make sure the domain is not in REGISTRAR-LOCK or in HOLD status. If the domain is in LOCK status, the admin-c can request the vendor to unlock it,
  • make sure the email in the admin-c is active,
  • make your transfer request in time and not near the expiration date,
  • make sure the domain has been registered for at least 60 days.

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